Mozambique opens African’s longest suspension bridge

Mozambique opens African’s longest suspension bridge

Abridge connecting Mozambique’s capital,Maputo with another town of Katembe has been inaugurated on November 10, 2018. A bridge spanning 680 meters and the entire construction, including two small bridges on the north0020and south sides, is 3 kilometers long. The bridge designed and constructed by the China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) which is one of the biggest China’s state owned copanie4s, which supervision of the bridge was monitored by German engineering firm Gauff.

The project coast of bridge is about 785 million US Dollars. This megaproject is land mark in the African Road and Bridge Construction Industries, and it is part of the Trans African Highway. Which is a continental plan to connect African countries from Cairo to Cape Town, and Dakar to Djibouti by Road and Railways, a plan set by African Union to speedup the Economic and Political Integration of Africa.

The bridge crosses the Indian Ocean, and before its construction people and Road users used to cross the Indian Ocean by ferry Boat, whenever they plan to travel to Katembe town to Maputo and vice-versa.

Besides, the competition of the construction of the bridge and connecting road network has reduced the travel time from Kwa-Zulu to Mozambique, specifically from Maputo to the South African border near Kosi Bay that has been slashed from six hours to about 90 minutes.

The Three kilometer-long Maputo Katembe Bridge was inaugurated by his Excellency, Mr. Felipe Nyusi, and President of the Republic of Mozambique.

The Inauguration Ceremony that took place on Saturday, November 10, 2018 was, attended by the President of African Road Maintenance Fund’s Association (ARMFA) Mr.Soulymane Traore, of Guinea Road Fund, members of ARMFA Executive Committee, CEO’s of Namibian Road Fund, Zambian National Road Fund Agency, Ethiopian Road Fund Cameroon Road Fund, Central African Road Fund, Kenyan Road Board, Ivory Coast who were in Mozambique for the 3rd ARMFA Executive Committee meeting held in Mozambique from November 8-10, 2018, Also in attendance, were CEO’S of Lesotho, Madagascar and the host of 3rd ARMFA Executive Committee meeting, Mozambique Road Fund.

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