Road Constructions for Continental Integration and Road Maintenance for Ensuring Sustainability

Impetus for Africa’s regional and continental integration has been hampered by various domestic and external factors.  However, non- refute the significance of bringing together the people of Africa through facilities such as road infrastructure as an essential ingredient for the realization of the ideals of African unification. The absences of moderate infrastructures such as road transport have been one of the main challenges to accelerate the process of integration within and across regional blocks. African states and organizations are striving to overcome this major impediment for sustainable economic integration and development.

Roads that connect the different parts of this vast continent compliment various political decisions and aspiration such as free movement of people and goods, which are geared towards integration. For instance, expansive road network under Trans-African Highway (TAH) series, from TAH 1 to TAH 9 are designed to cover the entire continent. Most of these road networks that connect the different regional blocks are well underway. In more recent development the inauguration of Africa’s longest suspension bridge in Mozambique that connects Maputo, the capital, to Katembe, across the Indian Ocean can be seen in light of the broader continental vision, which aims to see the contraction of road that stretch from Cairo to Cape Town.

All TAH projects must envision and promote aggressive road maintenance strategies that go along with the rapidly flourishing road construction and expansion programs. In addition, the need to synchronize road maintenance and safety effort across these Trans-African Highway should be given preeminence. In this regard, Africa Road Maintenance Association Fund (ARMFA) could play a crucial role not only in promoting about maintenance but also in serving as a platform whereby the different African states share the best experiences in areas of road maintenance fund raising, maintenance practices, road safety protocols and related issues.

ARMFA since its creation in 2003 has been serving as the best platform and network for knowledge and experiences sharing on issues connected to road maintenance as well as road safety. The Association by enhancing its visibility and knowledge base on issues of roads across Africa (both at inter-state and intra-state level) strive for the sustainability of the mega projects the continent is investing.