1. Establishing Road Funds and increasing members of ARMFA

As mentioned in previous parts of this document one of the resolutions of the 1th AGM was Establishment & Strengthening of Road Funds. As per this resolution, the incoming executive committee, as ARMFA, is expected to encourage African countries that have not established Road Funds to do so, and those that have them to strengthen and make them sustainable, within its term of office of, i.e. within 2 years.

Accordingly, following the interest from COMESA to support the Sudan to establish road fund office, Zambia and Ethiopia visited the Sudan and shared their experience. This forum is organized with the support of COMESA and will lay a foundation for future partnership with both COMESA and the Sudan.

On the other hand, the Executive Committee has given particular attention to bring new members to the Association through the ARMFA focal groups. As part of this initiative, a resolution was already passed to invite non-member Road Funds to attend the 15thAGA to be held in Abidjan. Countries in this list include: Angola, Liberia, Nigeria, and Gambia.

  1. Membership and Annual Subscription

Following the successful handover of the Presidency and the Secretariat, 2016 invoices for Annual Subscription of US$2,500 had been sent out to all the members by the new secretariat. Accordingly, members have been settling their payment. However, at the 14thAnnual General Meeting, it was resolved that each member should pay Annual Subscription fees of US$3,500 beginning 2016. Same was reconfirmed during the Executive Committee meeting held on May 19/2016 at Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

Hence, the secretariat issued again invoice for all members for the additional USD 1,000. Similarly, members are settling their payment (list of road funds paid their annual subscription fee and the current account balance is attached as annex to this report).

  1. Message of condolences to the late Dr. Francis Nyangaga Family

It was very sad news to hear the untimely loss of Dr. Francis Nyangaga. Dr. Francis Nyangaga, had been very instrumental in the road sector reforms of African continent in general and that of Kenya in particular. Recognizing his contribution ARMFA had awarded him with Excellence Reward, for outstanding leadership in road infrastructure development and invaluable contribution to the development of ARMFA.

On behalf of the Executive Bureau of ARMFA and his own behalf, the ARMFA President offered his condolences to Dr. Francis Nyangaga’s family and to the staff and management of Kenya Road Fund. Mr. Shomari O. Shomari, Executive Director, Zanzibar Roads Fund attended the funeral and made speech on behalf of ARMFA president. Eng. Dr. Michael M.Odongo, the Uganda RF Executive Director also joined Mr. Shomari on the funeral.

  1. Concluding Remark

Being the first for the new executive committee, the AGM will not only be an indication of effective commencement of the office but also an occasion to discuss important issues regarding performances so far as well as future plans. Among others, it will be highly imperative in setting agenda and strategic issues for the coming years.