Historical background

African Roads Maintenance Fund Association (ARMFA) is a non-political and a non-profit making association that was founded in the year 2003 in Libreville, Gabon. ARMFA’s main reason for being is to form a platform and a network for  experience and information sharing on best road maintenance practices in Africa; to discuss and find opportunities on funding options; to promote and strengthen links between members of African Roads Funds; and to that RFs achieve sustainability in funding and functions. ARMFA is composed of 34 Anglo and Francophone countries. To ensure a coordinated management of ARMFA, member countries have been clustered into four regional focal groups that include the West African Focal Group; the Southern African Focal Group; the Central African Focal Group and the East African Focal Group. Each of these focal groups meet regularly to discuss issues of mutual interest for their respective regions, which they later on in the year come together and share during the association’s annual conference, whose resolutions are then presented for discussion and adoption at the association’s Annual General Meeting.

General Assembly

The Executive Committee, the administrative organ of the association, is placed under the responsibility of the president and two vice-presidents. The distribution of the various posts takes geographical and linguistic realities into consideration. Its mandate is two years and alternates between the countries of French and English expression.


The Membership is open to all African National Road Maintenance Funds. In the case of countries with federated states, the Road Maintenance Funds of such federated states could be admitted as Associate Members, provided that the said country is a member of the Association. Associate Members are non- voting members of the general assembly.


A reference framework for efficient sustainable financing of the African road networks improvement

Our mission

To Promote Knowledge sharing and best practices in the mobilization and management of resources for road network improvement in Africa


The registered Legal offices and the secretariat of the Association are located in the Road Fund of Ethiopia. The Secretariat is run by a Permanent Secretary recruited by the Ethiopian Road Fund.